The Meatloaf Experience "Back Outta Hell"

The Meatloaf Experience "Back Outta Hell"

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The Meat Loaf Experience “Back Outta Hell” tribute show is a spectacular homage to one of the world's most famous rock singing sensations, the mighty “Meatloaf”.

At last, and by popular demand a spectacular tribute show paying homage to one of the world’s most famous and most polarizing rock stars, the mighty Meatloaf.
You will be enthralled as the world class band takes you back to the seventies and eighties with their raw rock reproduction of all the classic hits from the bat out of hell album right through to bat out of hell II.
The show so closely reproduces the 70’s meatloaf phenomenon you will think you are watching the real deal.
“Back outta Hell” is fronted by award winner lead vocalist Paul Brown, who searing vocals reproduces Meatloaf in his heyday, every note to perfection, his resemblance to Meatloaf is uncanny. Paul is joined onstage by one of Brisbane’s true female rock vocalist is Tara Graham their fun time chemistry on stage is a feature of the over performance. Backed by a brilliant 5 piece band this show is second to none in quality.
From Rock anthem classics, Bat out of Hell, Hot Summers Night (You took the words right outta my mouth) to the teen themed “paradise by the dashboard light” watch as the band brings meatloaf back outta hell and into the new millennium. Meatloaf is a “Grammy award winning” artist who produced some of the most classic rock anthems of all time, with album sales in excess of 80million copies worldwide.
Meatloaf had over 25 charting singles most top ten worldwide. Still today Meatloaf is a household name with sell-out shows in LA Vegas.
Who knows, there might even be a hint of rocky horror picture show in the performance, they just may dig “Eddie” out of the freezer!

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Audiences will be enthralled as this world-class act takes you back to the 1970-80s with a raw, rock reproduction, of all the unforgettable classic hits from the “Bat Out Of Hell” album right through to “Bat Out Of Hell II”.
The show so closely reproduces the “Meatloaf” phenomenon of that era you will think you are watching the original, ‘real deal’ this show has a epic theatrical feel as opposed to a band just performing the songs.
“Back Outta Hell” is fronted by award winning lead vocalist, Paul Brown, whose searing vocals reproduces “Meatloaf” in his heyday, note perfect! Paul’s resemblance to Meatloaf is uncanny and in costume with the theme.
Paul will be joined on stage by Brisbane’s Tara Graham, a leading female rock vocalist, and together they will combine their fun-time chemistry as an added feature to the performance.
Tara solo spots are another high point in the show including duets with Meatloaf [Paul] or belting out the Jim Steinman classic Total Eclipse of the Heart
A quality five-piece band of accomplished musicians will back both the performers.
Outstanding Act a real showpiece.

From rock anthem classics, “Bat Out Of Hell, Hot Summers Night (You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth)” to the teen-themed "Paradise By The Dashboard Light", watch as the band brings Meatloaf ‘s “Back Outta Hell” concept into the new millennium!